2009A Was a great year for Camp Tall Trees.

A dedicated group of volunteers restarted the Humboldt area resident camp which had not been operating for the last few years. We moved the camp to Wolf Creek and created some great memories and started a few new traditions. The success of last years camp has brought the determination to do even better this year. We would like to share a few photo from last year.

On the trail to Fern Canyon

"Are we there yet?"

Well, the sun did come out at Big Lagoon. Last year we went rafting. This year, it's Kayaking and building your own raft!
Ranger Humming Bird taught us how to build a real camp fire.
The hard way to get to the top of Cerimonial Rock
The view from the top of Cerimonial Rock. It was probaly easier to use the stairs but climbing the rock was more fun!
Morning Flag
Feed Me, Feed Me!