2018 Sessions
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2 Explorer Camp
4 -5


7/5 - 7/9


This five-day and four-night camp is for both the experienced scout and the first time camper alike. Girls are encouraged to explore their abilities by challenging themselves on the rock wall, balancing on the monkey bridge and building working rafts with knots and lashings, determination and teamwork.

Girls also explore creative engineering through the TechBridge projects. Campers will learn about green buidling materials and techniques. Then working in small groups they will design and build a house. Although working as a team each girl will focus on one room. Girls will have the opportunity to have their designs evelauted and will receive a bronze, silver, gold or platinum certification.

Other fun activities include exploring Redwood Canyon, playing environmental games, creating camp crafts, singing around the campfire, and hiking through the trees in the camp Wide Game.

All girls sleep in cabins equipped with bunks and eat meals in the Lodge. They also have access to flushing toilets and hot showers after playing in the field, hanging out on Stumpy or rafting on Big Lagoon.

Divided into patrols of 5-7 girls, campers will learn how to work together and use famous women explorers as examples. They will experience the outdoors like never before through fun educational activities. Come explore Wolf Creek and discover all that you can do at Explorer Camp this July.