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3 - Egypt Camp
6/24 - 6/30
$75 $295 $325
4 - Egypt Sphinx Camp 5 7/5 - 7/9 $65 $215 $245
Due to continuing demans we have add spaces to Egypt Sphinx Camp



(Entering Grades 6 - 9 in Fall 2018)

Egypt Camp and Egypt Sphinx Camp will explore the fascinating world's of ancient Egypt. Egypt Camp is seven days and Egypt Sphinx Camp is five days.

Ancient Egypt was one of the world great civilizations. They advanced agriculture to a new level by developing a system of irrigation, inventing the first clocks, the first calendar, the Ox-drawn Plough and the Sickle.


The first system of writing was created by the Egyptians who discovered how to make Papyrus sheets (an early form of paper) and created the first true black ink.

They also developed the first surgical instruments including scalpels, scissors, forceps, spoons, probes, hooks and pincers. They sutured wounds using a copper needle and thread.

Ancient Egypt also innovated in personal appearance inventing the first wigs, cosmetic make up and toothpaste.


In addition to Egyptian themed activities and art, girls will have an opportunity to climb and rappel at Patricks Point (Egypt Camp only), spend time on the Archery Range, go Kayaking at Stone Lagoon. We also plan to hold our traditional hike to Fern Canyon and the Ocean. The rock wall will be at camp for you to develop your climbing skills.

Back by popular demand will be the night wide game when you will be called by the Pharaohs to find and return the rebellious Sphinxes.