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Girl Scouts is a volunteer led organization and we welcome both women and men as volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering or donating to Girl Scouts please contact us at volunteer@redwoodgirlsouts.org.

What do volunteers do?

Without volunteers we would not be able to provide the wide range of amazing diverse quality programs. Adults, both men and women, are need to volunteer directly with troops as leaders, fund raisers, drivers, product sales organizers, trip chaperones, treasures and in many other capacity.

We are also looking for volunteers who have skills that can be used at the Service Unit level. . If you have a skill for example woodworking or sailing we love to have you teach your skill to a a group of girls either at a troop or maybe as an area wide event. If you have resources or facilities that could be used by individual troops or by the service unit we love to hear from you. There are also many opportunities to volunteer in roles that do not involve directly working with girls. For example serving as an event registrar, preparing newsletters or helping prepare materials. If you are interested in volunteering at our resident camp then check out our camp volunteer page.

What about screening?

A Girl Scout volunteer must complete the volunteer screening process before she/he will:


Large ViewWill you train me?

For some roles training is required. For example to be a troop leader responsible for girls you must complete certain basic courses. This is for both your protection and the safety of the girls. In many cases however, no formal training is needed. Frequently you will be utilizing skills that you already posses.

We have many ways for you to learn about Adult Roles in Girls Scouting. We offer in person and online learning opportunities as well as good old fashioned mentoring. For more information please contact us at volunteer@redwoodgirlsouts.org or call 707-839-3714. Additional information can be found on our council web site at https://www.gsnorcal.org/en/for-volunteers/learning--support.html


Up Coming In Person Courses in Humboldt/Del Norte.


Troop Camp Certification

Sunday June 3


Cost None

This course is required for at least one adult who will accompany the troop on a camping trip and who will be involved in the planning process with the girls. If your troop will either cook OR sleep outdoors (or in shelters without electricity or indoor plumbing.) then this training is required. Emphasis in this course is on how to teach skills to girls and prepare them for their outdoor experiences, as well as health and safety concerns when camping in a large group.

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